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General terms and conditions of Yettischool rental

  1. The general terms and conditions regulate the relationship, mutual rights, and obligations between the operator of the Yetti rental (Ing. Dagmar Hanuš Chladová, ID 65551559, Boží Dar 58, 36262, hereinafter referred to as the operator) and the customer, the user of the rented material, hereinafter referred to as the customer. The relationship is established at the location of the operator’s mentioned rental facility.
  2. The subject of the lease is material. Material refers to everything listed in the Yetti rental offer and price list.
  3. The rental will be allowed only to a legal adult who can prove their identity with a valid document (ID card or passport).
  4. The relationship is concluded by a rental agreement.
  5. The agreement will specify the type of rented goods, and its condition will be checked by both parties. If the customer has objections to the material, they must communicate them before the rental.
  6. The price of the goods is determined by the current price list, and the price is predetermined. The tenant pays as agreed, either in advance or upon return.
  7. The customer declares that they have reviewed the publicly accessible price list on the website or at the facility and accepts it without reservations.
  8. These terms and conditions are part of the concluded rental agreement.
  9. The customer is obliged to return the borrowed material as agreed and in the same condition as received. Normal wear and tear due to ordinary use are tolerated.
  10. In case of complaints or equipment problems, they need to be reported immediately, either by phone or by returning the material.
  11. The user is obliged to use Sports Equipment (i) in accordance with applicable laws, especially those regarding public traffic, (ii) not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and (iii) in such a way as to avoid loss, theft, or damage to Sports Equipment and its parts. The user is liable for damage even if their actions or omissions make Sports Equipment accessible to third parties. The user is not authorized to use Sports Equipment for any organized race or sports competition without prior written consent. The user is not allowed to make any modifications, repairs, or modifications to Sports Equipment. If the user discovers any defect in Sports Equipment, they must immediately notify the Company and submit the Sports Equipment to the operator for inspection, repair, or possible replacement. Sports Equipment must not be used or used in any way until the identified defect is rectified by the User, especially to eliminate further possible damage or destruction of Sports Equipment.
  12. The customer is recommended by the operator to always use Sports Equipment (especially skis and snowboards) with appropriate protective gear and equipment (helmets, protectors, etc.).
  13. The customer is required to use Sports Equipment only in designated areas (usually marked trails in the ski resort) and for the purpose for which it is intended. The customer must ensure that the equipment is not damaged by events they could have anticipated (e.g., skiing off designated trails or in terrain without continuous snow cover, drying ski boots on heat sources, or in their immediate vicinity, where there is a risk of thermal damage, etc.). In no case should the customer place the material on the road, even if it is covered with snow.
  14. The customer is responsible for the destruction, loss, theft, damage, and depreciation of the material beyond normal wear and tear, regardless of the extent of their actual fault.
  15. In case of complete depreciation of the material or its part, the User is obliged to compensate the Company for the damage in the amount of the residual value of the material or its unusable part, unless the operator determines otherwise.
  16. Any damages caused to third parties by the material used by the customer are borne by the customer in accordance with generally binding legal regulations and the extent of their fault. The customer acknowledges that insurance for damage is not included in the material rental.
  17. All data provided by the customer to the operator is protected and will not be disclosed anywhere in accordance with applicable laws and GDPR.
  18. The operator reserves the right to supplement and modify the conditions. The operator also reserves the right to change and adjust the price list.
  19. The conditions are valid from 1.11.2023.